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List of open information resources

  • National importance
  • Local importance
  • Just found
  • Is considering by The Ministry of culture of Ukraine
  • Security zones
  • Archeological security zone
  • The boundaries of historical habitats
  • Landscape security zone
  • Archeological reserves
  • Historical monuments security zone
  • Cemeteries
  • Public budget
  • Capital construction
  • Objects of investment
  • Economic-planning zones
  • General secondary education institutions (staffing)
  • General secondary education institutions (works execution)
  • Kyiv city Address Registry
  • Without evacuation Vehicles
  • Paid
  • Evacuated cars
  • Ktiv city register of green areas of communal property of the territorial community (the service is in pilot operation)
  • State land cadastre
  • Traffic accident objects
  • Stationary posts for control and monitoring of atmospheric pollution
  • Areas of natural and man-made flooding
  • Zoning according to sanitary and hygienic rules
  • Kyiv city Master plan (the existing state)
  • Kyiv city Master plan (on the billing period)
  • Kyiv city Master plan (promising state)
  • Urban development conditions and land restrictions
  • Water supply security zone Охоронна зона водогонів
  • Gas security zone
  • Cesium-137 Soil Contamination Zone
  • Landslides areas
  • The first zone of sanitary protection sources of water supply
  • Nature Reserve Fund
  • Detailed plans of territories
  • Resort areas


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